Our daughter suffered a severe brain injury at birth and the doctors gave her a grim prognosis. They would tell us all the things she probably would never be able to do. Michael has given us hope for our daughter and she has already accomplished things the doctors said she may never do. He has so much patience and many different methods, so if one thing isn't working for her, he has something else to try. Michael takes the time to explain all of his exercises and techniques so that we can do them with our daughter throughout the week. We look forward to our sessions with Michael each week because he makes PT fun and exciting. We love getting to see what new things our daughter will be able to do next!
Both of our sons were born with Torticollis. This caused our younger son's head to become flat, requiring him to wear a helmet for a little while. As new parents, this is terrifying. Enter Michael, who from the very beginning was so reassuring, patient and calm. He taught us different ways to hold the boys to strengthen their neck muscles as well as exercises and stretches to help with their legs and core muscles too. Michael has a way of connecting with kids that not many people have, and the kids respond to him in kind. The boys get so excited when he comes for their sessions and sad when it's time for him to go. He makes PT so much fun that they don't even realize they're doing any work.
My son Freddy has Downs Syndrome. Mike was our savior during a crisis we had with our school district. Freddy was recommended to have a change of placement at his district, which left us with no therapies or homeschool. I reached out to a friend that got in touch with Mike and we started therapy with him every Friday. Freddy loved working with Mike and became so strong and confident during the 2 school years Mike worked with him. Mike always came up with creative ideas to teach my son that made it fun while he was actually getting his therapy done.Thanks Mike for all your hard work and dedication.
Michael is the best! Since my son has started working with him at the age of 2, now almost 5, he has gotten stronger, and really looks forward to their sessions each week. Michael's techniques have built my son's confidence, and is able to keep him engaged the entire time. As a parent, I can't thank Michael enough for the amazing work he does, and the progress my son has made throughout these years!